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Symptom Survey

What is the Symptom Survey? Why am I filling out all these questions? What can I expect to get from this process? These are questions any patient would ask when handed this form. The answers to these questions follow.

The Symptom Survey is the result of the collaboration of two nutritional pioneers of the 20th century – Melvin Page DDS and Royal Lee DDS. Your responses to the array of questions they designed allow you to voice your perceptions of your symptoms and health concerns. The symptoms are grouped in such a way to elicit foundational or root causes of what’s happening in your body rather than focus on individual symptoms. The intent is to help balance your body’s chemistry
through whole food nutritional support. Only real, whole food nutrition provides the body with the needed raw materials to help balance body chemistry. The data you provide through your answers will be tallied by a computer program and then translated into an understandable format.

You will receive a report of findings that will provide you with a list and schedule of supplements that were selected based upon your responses to the questions. The report also includes a list and explanation of body systems (i.e. liver, digestive, cardio, etc), listed in order of importance that need nutritional support to help balance your body’s chemistry and function.

As you work with your health care practitioner in following his or her recommendations for supplements, diet, and other health practices (i.e. periodic chiropractic adjustments), you will note a gradual, progressive sense of increasing vitality and sense of well being, though there may certainly be nagging issues. That is why we recommend filling out the Symptom Survey periodically to help fine tune and guide the nutritional support your body needs for ongoing balance and health. Achieving good health is not a destination, but rather a journey and you will have support all along the way.

Nutrition and Lifestyle Education

Nutrition is a cornerstone of naturopathic healing. What we put into our mouths has a profound effect on our physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Hippocrates said, "Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food." Naturopathic doctors and their patients take this advice to heart and address many physical complaints through dietary adjustments. Using knowledge of physiology and biochemistry, ND's educate their patients about the dietary influences on disease symptoms and progression.

Food is our best medicine and our true healer. The majority of health problems people experience today are a result of dietary imbalances or deficiencies and can be corrected through proper nutrition. I can help you to restore your health by making dietary changes in conjunction with other natural treatments. Dietary improvements can alleviate symptoms of illness and improve vitality and quality of life.

Some of the areas in which I can help you with are:

  • Understanding nutrition information
  • Creating a personalized menu plan
  • Grocery shopping strategies
  • Healthy recipes
  • Healthy meals for people "on the go!"
  • Cooking for optimal nutrition
  • Kicking the sugar habit
  • Beginning an exercise routine
  • Losing weight sensibly
  • The Schwarzbein Principle Diet
  • The importance of vitamins and minerals
  • Eating a traditional diet based on the Weston A. Price Foundation
  • Nutrition for infants, toddlers, children, and young adults
  • Stress management

Botanical medicine

Also known as herbal medicine or herbalism, botanical medicine involves the use of plants to treat disease and promote health. Animals and plants have evolved alongside each other for millennia, so it makes sense that our bodies respond readily to plant medicines. Like many of the naturopathic modalities, herbal medicine is a very old form of medicine used by cultures all around the world.


Homeopathy is a medical art science; it is a truly holistic approach as it emphasizes people rather than disease. Homeopathy is based on principal that “Like Cures Like”. Give the body what is suffering with or from, and the body will naturally realign itself to a state of health.

Founded in the 1700’s by the German Physician and Chemist Samuel Hahnemann, homeopathy continues, two hundred years later, to treat and prevent illness. Homeopathic medicines are among the safest known; non-allergenic, non-toxin, free of side effects and have no known drug interactions. They are prepared form herbal, mineral and animal substances and made in accordance with the HPUS (Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States) and regulated by the FDA. Homeopathic remedies act curatively and preventatively by raising your general level of health and strengthens your own internal defense mechanism or immune system.

Homeopathy treats all illness whether they are of a general medical, pediatric, gynecological or psychological nature, the homeopath see each patient as a unique individual with a unique personality and unique set of symptoms. This means that six persons with the same illness might each get a different homeopathic remedy.

Because homeopathy treats the individual ant the disease, it has proven very effective in treating mental and emotional conditions as well as long standing chronic illness. Many cases of: Depression, Phobias, ADD, Manic Depression, Arthritis, Menopause Symptoms, Cancer, Fibroids, Chronic Pain, Migraines and PMS have been successfully resolved using homeopathy.

Children can benefit greatly from homeopathic care. Physical ailments, such as: Chronic Ear Infections, Colds, Sore Throats and Asthma, can be successfully treated. Even children diagnosed with: ADD, developmental delays, and other behavioral problems have experienced dramatic improvements.

Prevention and Wellness

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! One of the most important things I do at the is take the extra time to educate my patients about how to keep themselves and their families healthy. I regard health as an investment, not just a quick fix. Regaining and maintaining health is a process. I work as a partner with you in this process to support your health initiatives, no matter what health issue you are dealing with.


This is the use of essential oils to treat chronic sinusitis.  Through the placement of swabs to the sinuses, the essential oils help alleviate bacterial and fungal infections that are not easily treated through other methods.

Detoxifying and Cleansing

Another method of healing commonly employed by naturopathic doctors is detoxification of the body, also referred to as cleansing. The concepts of internal cleansing and detoxifying have been fundamental to naturopathic philosophy for over a century, and have been practiced in various forms since Roman times. As the number and quantity of poisonous compounds in our water, air and food supply have steadily increased, the problem of “toxicity” has become more widely recognized. A substantial and growing body of research now supports the significant impact on health of acute and chronic exposure to a variety of toxins in our daily environment.

As we are continually exposed to these toxins, our body’s detoxification system becomes overwhelmed and toxic substances accumulate. This accumulation of toxins can wreak havoc on the body’s normal processes and is often expressed through the symptoms of disease. A cleansing program led by a knowledgeable naturopathic doctor may employ the use of vitamins, minerals, foods and herbs that aid the body in eliminating accumulated toxins. Cleansing aims to reduce or remove disease symptoms as well as promote overall health and wellness on many levels. The goals of detoxification might include increased energy, improved mental clarity, better immune function and digestion, and improved mood and sense of well-being. As with all naturopathic treatments, cleansing can be tailored to the individual’s own specific health concerns and wellness goals. For more information on a cleansing program contact your naturopathic doctor.

Constitutional Hydrotherapy

Constitutional Hydrotherapy is by far the most effective therapy for stimulating the immune system and achieving total body detoxification. It has been used for years to detoxify heavy metal exposure, pesticide/herbicide toxicity, and the daily toxic buildup of improper diet and lifestyle.

This has been called "constitutional hydrotherapy" because it changed the very constitution of each individual cell. This means that each cell in your body is stimulated to dump waste products, to utilize nutrition more efficiently, and to work more effectively. You can rebuild your metabolism and regenerate your health with this amazing therapy.

Constitutional hydrotherapy techniques also are used to greatly improve recovery from many acute and chronic illnesses.

Examples of chronic conditions that may benefit from hydrotherapy include asthma, bronchitis, heart disease constipation, cancer, migraines, and autoimmune conditions such as arthritis, chronic fatigue immunodeficiency syndrome (CFIDS), HIV disease/AIDS, multiple sclerosis, and fibromyalgia.

Acute conditions that are treated include bronchitis, acute asthma attacks, colds, flus, coughs, headaches, and sinus infections.

It has been used successfully by thousands of naturopathic physicians for over a century and at one time was standard medical treatment for many illnesses, in hospitals and clinics.

Hydrotherapy works so well because it acts to stimulate the body's own healing force. These constitutional treatments stimulate healing by enhancing the oxygenation and circulation of blood and lymph, by promoting better digestion of food and nutrition to the cells, by increasing the oxidation and elimination of toxins, by strengthening the general defense of the body and by assisting in the restoration of nervous equilibrium.

Patients of all ages can benefit from these treatments. The benefits of constitutional hydrotherapy include an improvement in sleep, digestion, bowel function, an increase in your energy level and a reduction in chronic pain.

We have found that other naturopathic therapies such as herbal medicines, special diets or homeopathy often work better due to concurrent constitutional hydrotherapy treatments. We have found that for the best results, constitutional hydrotherapy should be repeated 3 or 4 times per week for several weeks. The number of treatments needed is in part determined by your specific illness and your physician.

Many patients have found it extremely beneficial to combat the early onset of a cold or flu or just as a treatment to make them feel better following a stressful period in their life.

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